Need to Focus Your GDPR Planning?

Does the GDPR apply to us? What should I include in my privacy notice? What is a data protection officer (DPO) and do I have to appoint one?

These are just a few of the topics that you’ll find addressed in Gartner’s report GDPR Clarity: 19 Frequently Asked Questions Answered. GLS is excited to offer this content, written by Gartner analyst Bart Willemsen, to increase GDPR awareness in the organizations we serve.  We believe the report supplies a clear and detailed explanation of GDPR, key aspects of compliance, and the consequences of non-compliance. If you are wondering what GDPR means for you, this report will help provide the information you need to prioritize risk mitigation actions.

This report comes at an opportune time, coinciding with the release of our own Award Winning GDPR compliance course, Journey to GDPR.  As part of the RSA Conference held in San Francisco April 16-19, GLS was recognized for Cyber Security Achievement of the Year by Info Security Products Guide. Step 1 of the “10 Steps Toward GDPR Compliance,” outlined in the report, is that “Leaders should emphasize to staff their accountability for adherence to privacy requirements. The implementation of a privacy-dedicated awareness exercise enables sufficient knowledge of the privacy management program.”1 Our Journey to GDPR course is designed to help organizations like yours to create such a program.

Complete the form on the right to download the report, and contact an account representative to find out how we can help you create a strong GDPR compliance campaign today.

Bart Willemsen, “GDPR Clarity: 19 Frequently Asked Questions Answered,” Gartner, 29 August 2017.